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barefoot blogger moving to france
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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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A French Chef’s Bilingual CookBook: Artists in Lockdown

Do you want to cook like a great French chef and learn the language? A French chef’s bilingual cookbook is for you… and definitely for me!

If you love French cooking and want to learn a bit of the language, now there’s a cookbook from one of my favorite chefs — Emma Kershaw of La Maison du Rire.

Last summer, I met Emma at her food and wine school in Coustouge, between Carcassone and Narbonne. She teaches individuals and professionals about the good foods in southern France and the art of wine pairing. I traveled from Uzés with Nancy McGee of Absolutely Southern France to visit prospective sites for future tours. A stop to meet Emma was one of the highlights of our trip.

What was supposed to be a casual, simple lunch together was a master class in wine pairing and southern French cuisine. (See link below) I was thrilled when Emma gifted me a cookbook — her first: A Taste of le Sud. It’s one of my favorites. The combination of recipes and photography is mouthwatering.

An Artist in Lockdown

La Maison du Rire.

Like many artists (Emma definitely belongs in this category), Emma’s business has been brutally injured by the pandemic. Rather than accept defeat, she fought back. Emma pulled out her contact list and made calls to find a sponsor for her new project: a bilingual cookbook about the foods her young son Louis enjoys.

Emma’s book in both languages made a lot of sense with clients from English and French-speaking countries. A bilingual French cookbook targeted to children and focused on exploring food flavors, tastes, and textures in adventurous ways was clever. Making it adaptable for adults was genius. A wine company known for helping winemakers in times of difficulty thought the idea was pretty awesome, too. Naked Wines invited Emma to produce a “Zoom Tasting” for their clients during a four-day corporate event. Her Zoom tasting was one of the most popular sessions. Emma sold 86 books in one hour.

The Day Louis Was Eating” was born.


Why that name? “The Day Louis Was Eating”

Louis, who Emma describes as a “gastronome,” actually enjoys food. But like all kids, “Louis has his off-days and on-days for eating well,” Emma says. “The on-days were known as ‘eating days,’ hence ‘The Day Louis Was Eating,” she explains.

A French Chef’s Bilingual CookBook

“The Day Louis Was Eating” is a gorgeous book — just like Emma’s first cookbook. The food photography is simply stunning. 


A French Chef’s Bilingual CookBook

Look how easy it is to learn French while you’re cooking.


Everything’s translated —  from the ingredients (ingrédients) to the cooking method (preparátion.) 

“Peel and deseed the squash, chop it into large bite-sized chunks.”


“Pelez et épépinez la courge puis coupez-la en gros morceaux de la taille d’une bouchée.”

Recipes include soups, stews, sauces, vegetables, fish, sweets, and desserts. A “Stay at home takeaway” section has choices like “sticky ribs,” Vietnamese spring rolls, and cheese and ham croquettes. Emma’s almond cake recipe is here, too. It’s to die for!

Photos of Louis are scattered throughout the pages, and they’re beyond adorable. 

La Maison du Rire.


“Cooking with Louis” will be the kids’ favorite section of the book with “Cat burger BLT,” “Crème fraîche ice-cream with grape jelly swirl,” and “Chocolate and hazelnut spread.”

La Maison du Rire.

I can’t wait to send the cookbook to my grandchildren in Atlanta. Did I mention it? My grandson is in the International Language school. He’s in the first grade and learning French!


La Maison du Rire.Order your copy of “The Day that Louis was Eating” before November 25th and get free delivery…Worldwide!!

Plus, each book includes an exclusive fine art greeting card from one of the beautiful photographs taken from the book. Visit to place your order(s). For more details,



To read about the Barefoot Blogger’s visit with Emma, click “Discovering Foods and Wine of Occitanie.”



Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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