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The Basics About Uzès

It seems more and more people want to know and visit Uzès. The growing crowds and booming rental market say this medieval town is fast becoming a hot spot in the south of France. Within easy traveling distance from Montpellier, Nimes, and Avignon, and its proximity to Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, and the Côte d’Azur mean Uzès is an easy day trip back and forth from traditional holiday spots. The town’s population of close to 9,000 residents nearly doubles during the heavy tourist season, July and August.

How to get here.

By Air

Most visitors to Uzès come in through Paris, Lyon, or Barcelona. You can continue onto Uzès by train or regional airline from those major airports.

The route I go back and forth to the US most often takes me through Paris. Here are some suggestions about traveling through the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on the way to/from the TGV station nearby.

A Photo Guide to the SNCF/TGV Trains at Paris’ CDG Airport

Travel Tips for Passing Through CDG Paris

The closest airports to Uzès are in Nimes, Montpellier and Marseilles. Some major airlines service these airports.

Nimes Flight Schedule

Montpellier Flight Schedule

Marseille Flight Schedule

By Train

The closest train service to/from Uzès is out of Nimes and two stations in Avignon.

Nimes Trains

Avignon Centre

Avignon TGV 

How to Get to France Via Barcelona

Often visitors to Uzès come in through the airport in Barcelona, spend a few days in the vibrant Spanish city, then take trains to Avignon or Nimes.

By Bus

There is a bus service to and from Uzès to train stations in Nimes and Avignon. Passengers can reach most destinations in France and beyond from the train stations with hi-speed and local trains.

Bus Schedules To/From Uzès

Uzès Weather

Uzès enjoys some of the most pleasant weather in all of France. The region is “Mediterranean,” with as many as 300 days of sunshine each year. There is seldom, if ever, snow in Uzès. Throughout the year, particularly in the winter, the famous “Mistral” treats Uzès to strong winds that last for hours, sometimes days. (Read about “Le Mistral)

  • January and February are the winter months. Lots of rain, occasional frosts, and snowfalls on the plains. Consistent snow in the mountains.
  • March and April are unpredictable, with glorious sunny interspersed with cloudy, rainy, cool days.
  • May and June are usually pleasant, with lots of sunshine and warmth. Like other areas of the world, the temperature is rising in the summer months. Late June can be hot.
  • July and August are hot and dry, with temperatures averaging around 30° C. September can feel humid.
  • October is often a beautiful month. Days are warm and sunny.
  • November and December are cooler but still very pleasant, with lots of sunshine. (Source)
  • Current local weather

Uzès on Special Occasions

Since Uzès has been “home” to me for almost ten years (can you believe it!?) I’ve written tons of blog posts (500+) on just about every subject imaginable. Readers seem to love stories about our popular town events and seasonal activities. Click on the links below. and you’ll probably understand what all the excitement’s about.

July & August

Tuesday night market

Les Mardis Nocturnes D’Uzès

Fete Votive

Summer’s in Full Swing in the South of France: It’s Fete Votive inUzès

The Bulls are Here!

Saturday and Wednesday Market Days

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Autumn in Uzès

7 Great Ideas for An Awesome Autumn Weekend Around Uzès

Winter in Uzès

Winter Market in Uzès: It’s Not Quite the Same

Uzès Christmas Market in Real Time

Christmas in Uzès, Here’s a Preview


So it begins: Destination Uzès, France

Place aux Herbes   

A Day in the Life of an Expat in Uzès


Office of Tourism

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