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France Bound Part 2: London for Fashionistas

Gianni Versace exhibited his collection of history-making fashions at the V&A Museum in London years ago, before his untimely and tragic death. It was my first time to tour the V&A, and the memory is still with me.

Gowns designed for and worn by Princess Diana were the main attraction for the show, while J Lo’s cut-to-the-navel green gown was also on display.

Having seen Versace’s masterpieces, I was thrilled to learn that, during my stopover in London, the V&A was showing the works of famous Italian designers who preceded Versace- those who helped establish Italy as a fashion Mecca after the War.

Not only that, Kensington Palace was showing off a new exhibit of Royal wear and jewels — from Queen Victoria and Albert to Princesses Margaret and Diana to Queen Elizabeth’s 60th Jubilee.


And more….


A “runway show” of Jean Claude Gaultier’s legendary work was debuted at the Barbican Center.

Before you stop reading this post because “fashion” is not your “thing”, let me say that Gaultier’s show was more than couture. It was “fashion gone high tech.” There was video technology used to create a “live runway” effect that blew me away. I’m still trying to figure it out.

You see, the male and female mannequins appeared to be living, breathing humans. At first, I thought they were “painted people,” like those who pretend to be statues and show up at parks and expect you to drop coins in their hats. I had to literally get “in the face” of one of the “models” to see it wasn’t a “statue.”


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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

Imagine using this technique for CEOs who dread public performances at big meetings or conferences. They can appear “in person” on stage and sunbathe on a yacht in Nice.

Here are the sights and sounds of Gaultier.

Less spectacular, nevertheless entertaining, was the Kensington Palace exhibit.

So what about the V&A Italian designers? Let’s just say I was disappointed. Perhaps it might have been more impressive if I had gone there before “experiencing” Gaultier at the Barbican.

Worse, no pictures were allowed. Just as well. Except for a few good vignettes reminiscent of Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly, photos would have been boring.

Don’t let this keep you from visiting the V&A. It certainly won’t keep me from going back. The couture to see, though, is Gaultier at the Barbican Center.

For those not “fashionistas,” the BIG thing to see is “Mammals” at the Natural History Museum.

Next time.

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barefoot blogger moving to france

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