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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Footloose in France

Adventures of the Barefoot blogger

Welcome! I’m Deborah, an American expat who has called the charming town of Uzès, France, home for nearly a decade. Through this website, I invite you to join me on an exciting journey as I share my experiences and insights from this beautiful corner of the world.

Barefoot Blogger in Antibes

With my bare feet planted firmly on French soil, I’m ready to lead you through the cobblestone streets, immerse you in the vibrant culture, and introduce you to the remarkable people that make this place so special.

Together, we’ll explore the lesser-known corners of France, uncover hidden treasures, and embrace the joie de vivre that defines this country. 

So, whether you’re an avid traveler, a fellow expat, or simply curious about life in France, join me as we embark on this extraordinary journey together.

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