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Ever Dream of Moving to France?

We did. And now we're here... Ready to help you too

A Bilingual Team to Help You Live and Succeed in France

Moving to a new country can be a thrilling yet challenging experience. For English speakers relocating to France, the transition can be particularly daunting due to the nuances of the French language, cultural differences, and administrative complexities. Renestance is here to help newcomers adapt and integrate into their new environment smoothly and confidently.

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It all starts with a dream...

Helping you get from "Just Dreaming" to "living the dream"


Wondering about moving to France?

We can provide tailored research and advice to help you determine whether your dream can turn into reality.

Planning the Dream

You’ve decided to take the leap? 

We can help with your next steps, like fulfilling visa requirements and taking off with peace of mind.

Living the Dream

Already living in France?

Assistance with the famous French bureaucracy, whether you’re applying for a Carte Vitale, exchanging a driver’s license, or renewing your residency permit

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