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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Zipping Through France

My dream visit to Paris is now a part of recorded history. Today, I’m zipping through France towards Nice

When I say “zipping,” it’s no joke. The direct train from Gare Lyon to Nice is traveling at 294 km. I’ll step off the train in the sunny south in six hours.

To catch up on yesterday – my last day in Paris — I can say it was pretty much wasted. However, it’s irreligious to consider any time in Paris a waste. I spent the morning doing what should have been done weeks ago — buying a train ticket. After spending hours on the computer and the SNCF app trying to make the ticket purchase- both in the US and Paris- I went to the train station closest to my hotel. If you’ve never been to Gare Montparnasse, try to avoid it. It’s huge. It’s a good thing that walking was one of my goals because I put in a bunch of steps to find my way around the station. When I arrived at the SCNF office, a manager had to be called to find out why I couldn’t book a ticket through my account.

Let me pass this jewel of information on to you. NEVER use a graphic symbol when writing your address or other information on a computer form. Why? Because if you type a “#” sign  — like before your apartment number — it causes a malfunction. Who knew??! Believe me, that one little abbreviation cost me hours and hours of agony.

Window Shopping

I did window shop if I didn’t accomplish many noteworthy things for a walking your shopping.

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More Soupe à l’oignon

I hear you gasp because I didn’t spend my last night in Paris at some fabulous restaurant. Instead, I wanted something warm to eat and a glass or two of wine. Why not a” soupe à l’oignon contest,” I told myself. I’d tried out the soups at two cafes. “Make it three!”



Zipping to Nice with Fannie

Fannie is a trooper. On the stay in Paris, there were days that she was raring to go. Some mornings, she wanted to hide.

Happily, Fanny is adjusting to her jet-setter dog life!


Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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