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7 Days in Dordogne: Albi to Cahors

Julie and I splurged on two luxuries during our Dordogne tour. One was to spend a night in a hilltop chateau en route from Albi to Cahors. The other I’ll divulge later.

Day two on the week-long car tour from Uzes to Tours, through the Dordogne with my long-time friend, Julie, was hurried and hot–35 degrees centigrade. Happily, we ended up in total luxury–a chateau!

Check this out!

Dordogne auto tour
Château de Mercuès near Cahors

Albi to Cahors

Château de Mercuès near Cahors is a dream come true! The thirteenth-century Chateau, with its vineyards that produce superb Georges Vigouroux wines, is a haven for travelers searching history, truffles, saffron, and Malbec.

Albi to Cahors
Wine storage at Château de Mercuès

Albi to Cahors
Albi to Cahors

Starting the Dordogne Auto Tour – Albi to Cahors

After a stop and start, scenic ride from Albi through Galliac, Montauban, Lauzerte, and Cahors, we landed at the Chateau late afternoon. Had we known better, we would have gone straight to Cahors, spent time there, and enjoyed a more leisurely visit at the Chateau. Oh well…now I’ll just have to go back sometime!

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Albi to Cahors
Thank goodness we had plenty of time for dinner at the Chateau. Plus, a private tour of the winery with the hotel manager.

Here’s just a sample to whet your appetite. More details later.

Albi to Cahors
Wine tasting with the General Manager at Château de Mercuès
Albi to Cahors
Dinner menu at Château de Mercuès

Albi to Cahors

Dordogne auto tour

Dordogne auto tour
Albi to Cahors
Dordogne auto tour

Tomorrow, Sarlat! Stay tuned…

Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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