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A November Mourning

Pray for Paris

In November 2015, Paris suffered a series of terrorist attacks coordinated by ISIS militants. Gunmen and suicide bombers targeted multiple locations, including a concert hall, a sports stadium, and restaurants, killing 130 people and injuring hundreds. The attacks shocked the world and prompted international solidarity against terrorism. In shock and sadness, and to pray for Paris, I wrote: 

Another tragedy.

More innocent dead. 

How can it be? 

What can be said? 


One hundred and thirty, 

Perhaps even more,

Knocked down and slaughtered,

Blood on the floor.


Blood on the pavement,

Blood on a field,

Hatred and blood shed

What did it yield?


 Broken hearts, broken lives,

The future in shreds. 

So many lost,

So many dead.


What can we do?

What can be said?

So many lost,

So many dead. 


Brothers and lovers, 

Women and men,

Hovering, hiding,

When will it end?


Give us some answers,

Please hear our pleas.

So many are crying,

We’re down on our knees. 


Lord God have mercy, 

Welcome them in. 

Sit them beside you,

Forgive us our sin. 

DLB 13/11/2015
Pray for Paris
The artist, Frenchman Jean Jullien, created the graphic as a reaction to hearing about the attacks. .Read more about the artist here.


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