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Christmas in Uzès In Technicolor

Christmas in Uzès

Christmas in Uzès is candy-coated with sugarplums and bright-colored packages. Imagine you’re here if you cover your eyes and click your heels together!

The cobblestone streets twinkle with fairy lights, casting a warm and inviting glow. It’s a place where traditions come to life, where locals and visitors share the season’s joy.  Christmas in Uzès is not just a holiday; it’s a magical experience. that captures the essence of holiday cheer, where the spirit of giving and celebration brings the community together.

Christmas Market is a  treasure trove of holiday delights from local and visiting vendors. They’ve worked tirelessly to transform Place aux Herbes into a glorious  Marché Noël. Nestled beneath white canopies, sellers and shoppers chatter about the treats spread before them. It’s a feast for the senses, a testament to the joy of Christmas.

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Christmas in Technicolor

Cathédrale Saint-Théodorit d’Uzès was the inspiration for these photos of Christmas in Uzès. The day I visited the Cathedral, the sun shone brightly through the stained glass windows, projecting colorful images against the stone walls. The reflections seemed a reminder that beauty exists everywhere around us. We just need to stop long enough to see it.

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barefoot blogger moving to france

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