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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Walk in Uzès

Home In Uzès

Home in Uzès

It’s Wednesday. That means market day in Uzès with local vendors. They bring my favorite tapenades, like anchoïade spread, and only fresh, seasonal products.

That’s why many who make their home in Uzès prefer to shop on Wednesdays.

Wednesday Market – The market on Wednesdays is a scaled-down version of the weekend event. Most of the vendors sell food items that are local to the region. The market is mainly in the Plaza aux Herbes, which gives visitors a chance to look at the permanent shops along the main streets and alleyways. ..

Oh yes… mind the road. Construction is everywhere. There’ll be new walkways all around for the tourists. They’ll be here soon!

No wonder. There are many things to enjoy seeing in Uzès …  like the Medieval Garden, the Fenestrelle Tower, and the Cathedral of Saint Théodorit with its classic French organ. Pull out your camera and capture some fantastic photos that the people and town provide. Narrow, cobblestone streets lined with 12th-century architecture are everywhere.

Home in uzes

Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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