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House Hunters International Uzès: The Inside Story

If you’ve been following the adventures of the Barefoot Blogger’s life in France, you might remember my brush with fame and the TV show House Hunters International.

It wasn’t exactly me on the popular show, but now I’m friends with the couple who brought the story to Uzès.

It all started with this email:

We’ve been waiting a long time to email you! In a little nutshell, my husband and I started researching the South of France and Uzès last fall and discovered your blog. We fell in love with the area and made an offer on an apartment in Uzès that we now own!… We would love to meet you if you are free at the end of June.

I couldn’t wait! House Hunters International is one of my favorite TV shows. I was going to get “up close and personal” with celebrities.

House Hunters International Uzés
Erin and Stewart at our first meeting
Now that I know Erin and Stuart, I’ve had a chance to learn more about their TV experience. I asked them to tell me what it was like moving into their new place in France. A “behind the scenes” view to share with you.

House Hunters International Uzés

Here’s the story in Erin’s own words.

Why Uzés?

“We found out about Uzès on a general Google search. I put in ‘French Fractional Ownership’ because I thought that was all we could afford. One was available in Uzès through International Property Shares.

House Hunters International Uzés

I had never heard of the town, so I started watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. We liked the history of Uzès and the location: proximity to the coast, vineyards, mountains, and airports/train stations.

House Hunters International Uzés

Once we had fallen in love with Uzès online, we decided to look at the real estate market for a total purchase opportunity, and VOILA!”

How did House Hunters International get involved?

“We approached House Hunters via an introductory email about our plans to look in Uzès for a second home. The show directors contacted us and scheduled a Skype interview to learn more about us. It moved forward from there.”

Did you buy your new French home “as is?”
“We bought the apartment fully remodeled.”

House Hunters International Uzés

House Hunters International Uzés

House Hunters International Uzés

House Hunters International Uzés

House Hunters International Uzés

House Hunters International Uzés

You have four young adult children. What did they think?

House Hunters International Uzés

“The children did not have any clue of our plans until the actual filming of the show. We announced our plans on camera for the full effect of their reactions. They LOVED it!”

During your House Hunters adventure, what was your worst day?

“Our worst day was on our first visit to our apartment in Uzès.

The day started with a trip to the local Carrefour store to buy a list of things we needed to outfit our home. After hours of scouting through the vast store, trying to read signs and language that made no sense, we headed to the checkout aisle. The store manager was there to meet us. He didn’t leave until he was convinced we could pay the bill.

Next, we raced to Nimes to buy a mattress and portable air conditioner. We thought we would enjoy a nice lunch with a view before resuming our shopping, so we looked for a cafe near the Arena. No parking. When we found a spot and walked back to the Arena in 95-degree heat, it was 2pm. The restaurant was no longer serving lunch.

We grabbed sandwiches and set off to finish our task. Buying a mattress and an air conditioner in sign language took longer than we imagined, so we pushed it when we headed back to Uzès. We’d planned to have time to freshen up, enjoy an aperitif, and spend a relaxing evening at one of Uzés’ finest restaurants.

It didn’t happen that way. A wrong turn took us miles out of our way. We were on the road to Barcelona.

House Hunters International Uzés

We returned to Uzès and rushed to the restaurant, sweaty and exhausted but happy to relax with an elegant French meal.”

That was quite a day! What was your best day?

“Our best day was when all the kids were in Uzés with us in the summer of 2017. We went to the Uzès market on Saturday, each with a mission. Using euros and a poor grasp of French, we each purchased food items for a picnic: cheese, bread, veggies, and charcuterie. The next day, we picnicked on the bank of the Gardon and canoed to the Pont du Gard.

House Hunters International Uzés

The kids had the best time. Alex jumped off a massive rock into the river. It was a wonderful experience!”

House Hunters International Uzés

Erin and Stuart admit their dream to live in France is just beginning. They are busy professionals and have many obligations at home. They’ll be “empty-nesters” soon. Their lives will change. Their getaway home in France is ready and waiting for them.

Welcome to France!

House Hunters International Uzés

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