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Je Parle Le Français? Non!

Today has been challenging.

I don’t speak French …at all. Worse, I keep popping up with very badly enunciated Spanish words! So now I have a new BFF at the Tourism Office. She speaks English.

Renting a bicycle for a few days was my main objective. There are so many back roads and adjoining towns that I want to explore. A car isn’t practical since parking near the apartment is nearly impossible.

I headed to the Uzes tourist office, where the very accommodating agent gave me information on a bike rental place. She drew arrows on a map to show me the way and suggested I call in advance to make a reservation. Instead of asking her to make the call right then, I walked back to the apartment and called Oliver at the bike shop. Big mistake. Olivier couldn’t understand a word I said. So, I went back to the tourist office to ask my BFF to do me the favor.

Lesson learned: You may get away with not speaking the local language in person but not on the phone. Get a translator.

The walk to Oliver’s was a piece of cake. Negotiating the two-day rental wasn’t easy, but it worked out fine with a little sign language and many laughs.

Olivier escorted me back to town on his bike. He probably wanted to make sure I was able to ride a bike better than I could communicate. Did I mention he’s adorable? Shut my mouth. He’s younger than my sons.

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Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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