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Settling Into Uzès

Staying in Uzès for 25 days means I want to see what it’s like living here. .. not just being a tourist.

Settling into Uzès

After three days, I’m beginning to settle into Uzès. That means I’m stocking up the fridge and beginning to learn my way around. After spending a leisurely morning in the loggia enjoying my coffee, chocolate croissant, and a Bach piano concerto on the stereo, I set out for a walking tour of the neighborhood.

Here are some of the sights within a few blocks of my apartment.

Sunday Market

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

During my walk, lo and behold, what should I wander into back at the main plaza, but a Sunday market! More shopping! Check out this fabulous jewelry from an artisan from Avignon. A new BFF!

Dinner treat
What’s left to cap off the day but to treat myself to dinner at one of the popular restaurants, Terroirs. The specialty is foie gras. Best of all, I was able to discreetly sneak a part of the large serving into a napkin and into my bag for lunch tomorrow. Apparently, restaurants in France don’t understand the concept of “doggie bags.”

Tomorrow, a guided tour of the city. Please join me.

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barefoot blogger moving to france

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