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I’m Still Not Learning French

I’m still not learning French. Remember when I returned to France in April and promised to learn French by Christmas? Here’s the update in mid-October.

Like those 20 pounds, I was going to lose. It’s just not happening.


My French teacher, Annabelle, says it’s all about priorities. She thinks I’d be on track if I spent as much time learning French as writing blogs.

So, friends, if you enjoy reading the blogs as much as I enjoy writing them, you’re to blame, too.

I mean, which would you rather do? Sit and study a book, listen to CDs and French radio? Or go on an adventure where you meet various people and discover new and fascinating things?

Time’s up.

Judging from your silence, you agree blogging is more fun.


“I’m getting by.”  

There are days when I don’t get into trouble at all not knowing French. Of course, that’s mostly when I stay inside writing posts.

“Helpful friends.”

You know the friends and strangers who have helped me out umpteen times. They’re still around and put up with my antics. I run into French friends less frequently; however, I now shrug when they ask, “Comment allez-vous?” (How are you?) and I say no more than “très bien, et vous?” (Very well, and you?)


Every once in a while, someone will congratulate me on saying a simple sentence in French. In fact, my recent visitor to Uzès from the States told me she was impressed that I could communicate so well. She didn’t see I constantly use sign language, and she didn’t recognize the mispronounced words.

“Leaving town early.”

Leaving France before Christmas is the excuse I give now for not learning French by the holiday deadline. A trip to Istanbul and a tour of Nepal and Kathmandu are on the calendar for mid-November into December.

With that, there’s planning, packing, and studying up for another Barefoot Blogger adventure.

The  new plan

When I return to the States for a visit in December, I will get back to my lessons. It’ll be something to do and help keep me from getting homesick for France.

Maybe my grandson, who will be nine months old, can learn with me. They say six months is the perfect age to start a second language.

Perhaps we’ll make a bet.

“Let’s see who learns French first? ” Little girl to baby: Is that a good book?




Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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