barefoot blogger moving to france
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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

barefoot blogger moving to france
Barefoot BloggeR

Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Join These Favorite French Classes From Your Home

Before “lockdown,” IS Aix-en-Provence French language classes and Cook’n with Class Uzès quickly filled their summer spaces. Now, you can join these French class favorites from your home!

French Lessons from Aix-en-Provence … at Home

If I could choose anywhere in the world for French lessons, it would be Aix-en-Provence. Just being there makes me feel like speaking French.

But wait … I can’t be there!

Because of health safety reasons in France, IS Aix-en-Provence has moved its French lessons online. Gifted teachers have migrated language courses to digital platforms. The teaching method at IS-Aix focuses on communicating about real-life situations. That’s why I enjoyed my time at IS-Aix so much. Without memorizing words or conjugations, I was taught, instead, to understand and speak the language.

Why would I choose IS Aix-en-Provence to learn French online? With so many ways to study French online, why IS-Aix? Since 1972, the reputation of IS-Aix as a premier French language school has brought more than 50,000 students of all ages from more than 40 nations to Aix-en-Provence. If you can’t get to the south of France to learn French, you can do it from home!

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Cook Mediterranean-Style with a French Chef … at Home

Everyone knows a Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat. How would you like to learn to cook the Mediterranean home with a French chef?

During “normal times,” Cook’n with Class Uzès offers cooking classes that include 6 days of activities (classes & excursions) and 7 nights of accommodations in a charming private guest house. The classes are small, so there are hands-on cooking experiences with you and the chef. During the week-long cooking adventure, you visit vineyards and enjoy wine tasting and pairing with a French sommelier. You go to olive mills or a working farm to learn how the famous goat cheese of the region is produced. And, of course, there’s wine & laughter that the south of France is known for. Parties and more parties!

Now, you can bring Chef Eric into your home!

Chef Eric will host Cook’n With Class Recipes with Chef Eric Fraudeau, which features some of his favorite appetizers, main courses, desserts, and breads. The 15-episode series started on April 29th and will continue every Wednesday at 8 pm CET. Viewers can watch, comment, and chat with the chef. You can subscribe by clicking here

Cooking Classes for Kids, too
Chef Eric’s adorable son, Remi, loves cooking alongside his dad and his mom, Yetunde. Now he has his own cooking show. Many parents (and grandparents) are trying to find fun and exciting things to do with their kids to add to their virtual school day.
Remi’s 10 episodes of Cook’n With Remi air on YouTube at 6 pm CET on Saturdays. My 4 and 6-year-old grandchildren love it!
See how much fun it is, Cook’n with Remi. 

Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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