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“Nora Jones” Next Door

Uzès Neighbors

Have I said lately how much I love this place? You only have to go outside your door and visit Uzès neighbors to find a world of entertainment and friendly people.

Last night, I went to an art exhibit and had a late dinner with new friends. Afterward, heading back to my apartment, I heard music pouring down onto the street from the front of my building. At first, I thought it was someone’s radio. Then I saw a woman standing at a window above. She was singing.

I stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the music. The woman in the window looked down, and I met her glance with applause. She seemed pleased, so I hurried inside the building, ran up the landing, peeked in the open door of her apartment, and accepted the invitation to come in.

Uzès neighbors


What a treat! My new neighbors are musicians who were practicing for an upcoming “gig” in town.

All I can say is, “Watch out, Nora Jones”!

Uzès neighbors

Uzès Neighbors

The art exhibit and a historic hotel

A “hotel ” practically next door to me houses the Uzes office of Emile Garcin, a prominent real estate operation in France and beyond. The Hotel Du Baron De Castille is one of the first sights you see as you drive into Uzes. I attended an exhibition at the hotel hosted by Uzes artist Elisa Cossonnet. The event invitation allowed me to enjoy her artwork and roam around the historic building.

Hotel in Uzes Hôtel du Baron de Castille

Hôtel du Baron de Castille

The Hotel du Baron de Castille is in one of the most beautiful parts of Uzès, across from the Cathedral, the Tour Fenestrelle, and the Pavillion Racine (valley). The “hotel,” or “townhome” as it means in French, was built by Gabriel Joseph de Froment d’Argilliers, the Baron of Castille, in the 18th century.

It was a perfect complement to the art on exhibit inside.

The Cathedral and 12th Century Tour Fenestrelle TheCathedral and 12th Century Tour Fenestrelle
Hotel du Baron de Castille entrance Hotel du Baron de Castille entrance


hotel in Uzes


Hotel in Uzes


Elisa Cossonnet


The Art

Elisa Cossonnet


Elisa Cossonnet


Elisa Cossonnet

The Artist


Elisa Cossonnet

Elisa Cossonnet uses a resemblance of her own image in most of her work — or at least the examples on display. The artist herself is a “tiny bit of a thing,” leaving you to wonder where she stores all that talent.

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

I talked with Elisa only briefly. She was busy entertaining guests and drawing their images.

Elisa graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Lyon and trained as an illustrator at the Emile Cohl School in Lyon. Her work is primarily available through art dealers with exhibitions around the world: France, Nashville (Tennessee), Brussels, Maastricht (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Pondicherry (India). She holds only one private showing each year in Uzes, her hometown.


Fortunately, I was there to enjoy it.

Elisa Cossonnet



Elisa Cossonnet

The music.



This art exhibit came with music.

Elisa Cossonnet art show


Even the guests joined in.

Elisa Cossonnet art exhibit


The People

One of my favorite parts of my evening was people-watching.

Elisa Cossonnet Husband of the artist

Uzès neighbors


… and taking photos of camera-shy guests (with their permission, of course!)

Uzès neighbors

Did I mention: “I love this place!!!”



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