barefoot blogger moving to france
Barefoot BloggeR

Inspiring Life & Travel in France

barefoot blogger moving to france
Barefoot BloggeR

Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Ignite Your Passion For France

Barefoot Blogger has a fresh look, a bold vision, and countless ways to connect with you. 

Today, I am launching an all-new Barefoot Blogger website, a labor of love that marks a fresh chapter in my life. This revamped site is more than just a blog; it’s a toolkit, an inspiration, and a guide for those who love to visit France or dare to dream of a life in France.

I want to welcome newcomers to the Barefoot Blogger community and invite you to return often to experience the fun we have both exploring and living in France. Thank you to the followers who have been part of my incredible journey. Some of you have been with me since the beginning! Your support, comments, and encouragement have driven this blog’s success. I especially appreciate your patience and understanding during the transition to the new site. I am committed to delivering an experience that you will enjoy more than ever before

What to Expect from the New Barefoot Blogger

The essence of Barefoot Blogger remains the same—personal stories and experiences from my life as an American expat in France. I will continue to write about places and people that intrigue me, especially in Uzès, the medieval town in the Occitanie region which has become my French home.

Traveling through France is more fun knowing you are with me. So many places are yet to be seen. Medieval villages — especially the Plus Beaux Villages — are waiting to be discovered. As an avid amateur photographer, I am awe-struck at the beauty of France. The countryside that changes its textures and colors throughout the seasons, the rolling vineyards, and the fairytale castles all mean there is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes to capture through my camera lens.

For those of you who dream of moving to France, Barefoot Blogger will serve as a resource and an inspiration. Navigating life in a new country can be a challenge. Hopefully, you will turn to the Barefoot Blogger website for valuable information, insight, and encouragement — whether planning a visit or considering making France your home. 

Place aux Herbes

A Peek into Uzès

Uzès is a place that captured my heart, and I’m excited to share my stories and favorite people and places with you. Here are some of the highlights. It’s only a sample of what you can expect to discover and experience around this charming medieval town. You can even check the daily weather! 

The Rich History of Uzès. 

The cobblestone streets of Uzès and ancient architecture tell stories of its past. You’ll feel the ambiance and energy of the Place aux Herbes, visit the Place de Duché during special events, and find yourself mesmerized by the rhythm of life in this fascinating town. 

Food and Wine Adventures

French cuisine is renowned worldwide, and Uzès is no exception. We’ll visit popular restaurants and cooking schools, indulge in wine tastings and tours, and experience the fun of outdoor cafes.

Festivals and Culture

Uzès comes alive with festivals and events throughout the year that showcase the town’s spirit. With the Barefoot Blogger, you’ll feel the rhythm of the music and delight in the talent at art exhibitions. You’ll join in wine tastings and French cooking classes … that’s not all! 

Your Holiday in Uzès 

If you’re considering a visit or a move to Uzès, stop here first for tips on how to get here, accommodations, tours and activities, navigating real estate bureaucracy, and embracing the French way of life. There are ideas for side trips to UNESCO sites,  the Cote d’Azur, and many regions that intrigue you. 

Explore France

An interactive map with the thirteen regions of France that are within its European borders is a quick way to learn about each area. As we travel together, we’ll fill each region with stories. There will be posts from popular bloggers in some, and perhaps travel stories from you. Stay tuned.

Expat Tips

My quick decision to move to France meant I had to cram a lot of learning into a short amount of time. By sharing my stories, you’ll be encouraged to know it can be done against all odds. I have a list of resources to pass you to make your process easier.

I look forward to entertaining you with true-life stories and experiences that color my world. Please join me, and we’ll continue to uncover the magic of France and beyond – one blog post at a time.






Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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38 Responses

    1. It’s been a labor of love to get this up and ready for another spin. Hope to see you on your next visit. 😘

  1. What a fantastic new look. Congratulations and now the whole world will descend on France and come to Uzes.

  2. I’ll look forward to reading your stories on your revamped blog. I also live in a French village in Occitanie, near Pézenas, and it is fun to read about the experiences of others of life in the south of France. Bon courage with your blog!

  3. Deborah, it’s so good to have you back! The new blog-look is fab! You were such a help to us during the best year of our lives. So many wonderful memories. I’m sure you’ll never forget your adventures with Jude. 😉 Please hug everyone for me. Xoxo

    1. Good to hear from you, I was taking about my Jude adventure today. Miss you and would live to see you back someday.

  4. Hi Debbie,
    This is a much easier way to jot a note to you. You are an amazing, creative woman and now you are at it again with your website. I look forward to it.
    Your best friend Pat Patty.

    1. Wonderful to hear from my best friend… and travel companion. You’re still being memorialized in these blog pages… the funny ones. Come back! I need more stories !

  5. Bonjour Debbie!
    Glad to connect. Met you when we were with Nancy in September. Your idyllic abode was inspiring! I think Patricia Sands would take a page of that for her books!
    In Naples Florida now. It’s quite cool but sunny and bright!
    Look forward to all of your tips. Heading though to Amalfi & Milan in September with galpals!

    1. Thank you, Paula! You’ve lived through it all. So glad we have these tales of France to tell. I appreciate your support so much.

  6. Bravo Deborah,
    Thanks to your very interesting blog you have put France worldwide on the map.
    Great job and very pleasant to read and to look at the pictures of this beautiful part of the world.
    Success! X

  7. So excited to see you back with your blog. Did you decide to remain full time in France? Let me know when you’re in Atlanta (in the city) again.

    1. Yes! I’m in love with France all over again. You must come back! I’ll be in The US in March so I’ll be in touch.

  8. What a fantastic, new look! The website is just downright fun to read. It immediately brought back the excitement and joy I’ve always felt while visiting this beautiful part of the world. Congratulations!

  9. Félicitations Déborah!
    All your hard work has paid off.
    Look forward to reading your wonderful French stories when I’m in NYC.
    Your guide to visiting and living in France will be so helpful to
    visitors and expats alike.
    Love how you’re enriching your blog into an informative and fun site.

    1. So happy to hear from you! Yes! Please do come to Uzès to visit. You’d love it .. and I’d love to catch up with you! Thanks for the note.

  10. This is wonderful! I’m so glad you’re back and look forward to reading your blogs again. Always informative and fun. I’m living vicariously through you-and so wish I could join you as an expat – well, you never know – right?

    1. Patricia, you’re exactly who I hope to please with these stories and encouragements. You never know when someone pushes the right button to inspire you to take a step you’ve wanted to make. I’m so happy you’re along with me.. comment often, please.

  11. Fun! How do I start a blog? Just moving hear, old, love to communicate and show photos. But I am a computer dummie.

    1. Hi Norma, You sound like just the right person for blog writing. I knew nothing about it, either, when I started 10+ years ago. I taught myself from YouTube. I used the simplest WordPress templates and paid them to manage the backend. I hired a web person to help redesign my blog into a website. It’s taken a year! But I’m happy with the results. Best of luck and let me know how it goes…

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