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Carcassonne Through the Eyes of a Child

If you think the medieval town of Carcassonne is memorable, you should see Carcassonne hrough the eyes of a child. Better yet, make it on July 14th. 

There was a party going on!

Bastille Day Fireworks in Carcassonne
Bastille Day Fireworks in Carcassonne


The night this picture was taken, my guests from North Carolina and I arrived in Carcassonne after a visit to Sete.




Carcassonne July 14th

We arrived later than anticipated in Carcassonne because we missed the train in Sete. (Long story, but let’s just say I misread the ticket information — darn world clock!) When we got to Carcassonne, it was close to time for the fireworks display — our main reason for being there in the first place. The problem was we were starving. We stopped at a cafe to grab a quick bite. (Ahh… nothing quick about service in France, even when there’s a fireworks show in town.) We quickly received our drinks, but no menu or request for an order. It was now fifteen minutes before the fireworks would begin. That’s when I slapped a twenty euro bill on the table, motioned for my friends to follow me… and hurry. We would not come all this way and miss the main event!

In our defense, we did return to the same restaurant later. We apologized profusely to the waiter and chef, who came out to serve us personally, and we walked away with new friends.



Carcassonne July 14th


Carcassonne July 14th


Bastille Day in Carcassonne
Bastille Day in Carcassonne


Bastille Day in Carcassone
Bastille Day in Carcassone


Leaving the fireworks display with thousands of sightseers and after our “make-up” dinner, this was what awaited us at our Airbnb apartment.


Quite bizarre. Along with the circular kingsized bed and “unique” lighting, our apartment had a jacuzzi in the corner of the bedroom. All opened into the living area.

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We knew it would be “unusual” accommodations from the Airbnb description “formerly a bar and restaurant.” However, we were not quite expecting all this …



Happily, the apartment was only steps away from the bridge where the crowds gathered for the Bastille Day fireworks. McKenna thought the setup was a blast. Her mom and I were amused. It was only a one-night stay.

We walked from the town to the historic walled city the next day.

Carcassonne looks like this to a 10-year-old

A little of this …


A lot of this


One happy camper …

In the toy store
In the toy store



Crepes with chocolate for dessert
Crepes with chocolate for dessert


If a 10-year-old is happy, Momma is happy.





Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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