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Bouzigues: An Oyster Lover’s Paradise South of France

South of France, on the Mediterranean, lies an oyster lover’s paradise—the unassuming village of Bouzigues. Here, you’ll discover a culinary gem revered by locals and seafood lovers alike for its claim to fame as the home of the “world’s best oysters.” 

Bouzigues is making waves a must-visit destination due to its proximity to the Etang de Etau oyster beds. These meticulously cultivated oyster beds yield an unparalleled quality of prized oysters, celebrated for their briny richness.


Bouziques oysters

Bouzigues: A Paradise for the Oyster Love

Being one of the closest villages to the Etang de Etau oyster beds, Bouzigues’ well-organized beds produce some of the finest oysters in France. They are unique, and most salty, juicy, and fatty Etang de Etau delicacies are consumed in France alone.

That makes a visit to Bouzigues is a MUST for oyster lovers.


World’s Finest Oysters

Small restaurants and tiny shops line the shore in Bouzigues. If you’re there off-season, many of the establishments are shuttered and closed. But on a summer day or evening, the area is lively. Small and medium-sized boats are moored so close by that a stroll along the seaside is a pleasant way to walk off dinner.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not take a boat tour of the Etang de Etau oyster beds? Learn about the intricate process of oyster farming firsthand from local experts and sample freshly shucked oysters from the source.

Bouziques shore


Now let’s talk about the meal you’ll eat in Bouzigues. It’s nothing short of amazing! Portion sizes are generous, and if you opt for a platter prepared for a veritable feast of fresh shellfish.

Mediterranean Razor Clams

Have you ever eaten a razor clam? You should. If you like clams, their taste is much like any other, so there’s nothing to fear. You recognize a razor clam immediately by its shaps like a straight blade from an old-time razor. Slightly browned with olive oil and spices, the flavor of razor clam rates right up there among the best seafood you’ve ever eaten.

Sea Snails

Another tiny shellfish popular among seafood lovers along the Med is a sea snail. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But think of the first time you ate escargots. If you like escargots, you should also be anxious to try this variety of snails. Unlike its land relative, the sea snail is challenging to extract from its shell. The end nearest the opening is quite chewy some would say like a pencil eraser.When you get a good grip on the edge of the meaty snail, and give it a good yank, you’ll be more than pleased with its scrumptiousness. Just pop it in your mouth. If you’re a fan of escargots, you might just find a new favorite in these sea-dwelling relatives.


Bon Appétit!

The secret to enjoying a visit to the south of France is to be an adventurous eater. You’re in one of the seafood capitals of the world. Try something different for a change. Surprise yourself. You might find that you have a new favorite. And don’t forget, along with a sumptuous seafood platter, there’s dessert! A “coffee gourmand” with a coffee of your choice and small bites of the restaurant’s most famous sweets is the perfect ending for your adventure in Bouzigues.


Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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6 Responses

  1. During our Camargue canal trip in 2016 we passed by Bouziques and moored in the harbour at Marseillan. I remember having a nice seafood lunch there. We also sampled some vermouth at the Noilly Prat factory/tasting room, bought some dinner items at a charcuterie and enjoyed an excellent dinner of lamb with corn on the top deck of our boat while watching the sunset. Etang de Thau is a magical place.

    1. It sounds like a perfect day! I loved my tour of Noilly Pratt and still have some vermouth I hoard! Thanks for the note, Ken. Happy travels!

  2. Nice to see Bouzigues highlighted by your blog (not sure about the spelling with a ‘q’ though?). We enjoy popping over there from Uzès and despite it being an easy drive we occasionally stay over at the hotel A La Voile Blanche to enjoy sunrises or sunsets (when most visitors have left) as well as, of course to indulge a passion for seafood – especially the razor clams! And yes, for those who have not done it, a boat trip to see the oyster and mussel fields is a great way to pass an hour or so… Bon appetit!

    1. Thank you for the edit! I’m sure there are many more. I appreciate your help… anytime. So glad you’ve enjoyed Bouzigues!

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