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20 Things That Are So Odd In France

When American friends ask, “How’s life in France?” I have to be honest. I find there are some very odd things in France.

Odd Things in France

When you first arrive in France, you might be greeted with unexpected kisses on the cheek. If you think the kiss on the cheek, or  “Bise” greeting, is odd, they’re just being French and friendly! As an ex-pat in France, believe me, there are things you run into daily that are much different from what you’d expect. Here are just a few. 

1: Cemeteries

Cemetery in 
odd things in France
Cemeteries in France are above the ground.

2: Stairs

Narrow spiral staircases are everywhere
Narrow spiral staircases

3: Air conditioning


4: Fashion

"Bobo Chic" is in styleodd things in France


5: Hot chocolate

odd things in France


6: Coliseums 

Arenas from the first century


7: Door locks

DOORodd things in France


8: Manicures and pedicures 

Water-less manicures and pedicures
Water-less manicures and pedicures

9: Toilet paper holders

odd things in France


10: Flushing toilets



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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

11: Washing machines 

Tiny washer and dryer all-in-one

12: Hard Water

faucet head
Faucet head soaking in vinegar to remove calcium that clogs hot water


13: Streets


Narrow streets
Narrow streets like this one in Uzès

14: Coffee

Coffee in tiny cups
Coffee in tiny cups

15: Rooftops

Rooftops in Uzes
Rooftops in Uzès

16: Street Signs

2013-06-24 14.26.22


17: Crepes

2013-06-18 20.09.56


18: Carousels



19: Wine caves

odd things in France


20: Public toilets

odd things in France


 Yes, there are odd things in France.

What might seem odd to outsiders may be a cherished part of the culture and history. I’m learning to appreciate the differences in France. 

That’s why I love it!

odd things in France


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