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The Doors and Windows of Marseille

The Doors and Windows of Marseille

Marseille doors and windows were the highlights of my first proper visit to Marseille. I want to share them with you.

Marseille, the second-largest city in France, is where photographers must stop every few seconds to take a picture. Walking through the historic heart of Marseille, the “Le Panier” district, I snapped photos at almost every corner. The artistic spirit of the area was electric. Paintings and graffiti on walls and buildings were expressions of the culture and the people. They were colorful, energetic, and eclectic. However, the doors and windows of Marseille and Le Panier made me melt.

These photos of the Le Panier district help set the scene for the video below. It’s only a tiny sample of the area and its creativity.

Enjoy this brief look at Marseille.


Stay tuned for more: the views, the history, and the food of the fabulous seaport city.





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