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They Chose Uzes! House Hunters International Update

For those who may not have seen the House Hunters International episode on HGTV, Erin and her family chose Uzès!

House Hunters Chose Uzès

Erin, Stuart, and their blended family with four children went on a house hunt in the south of France for a second home property. Along the way, they contacted House Hunters International, who filmed the search for the HGTV network audience.

The property agent — who I happen to know! Pierre Guillery had three locations that met most of the family’s “wish list.” Two were near Avignon, one in Uzes.

Of course, they chose Uzès!

Like many of you who watched the show, I was anxious to see how Uzès was pictured to the TV audience. Because Avignon was the site of two choices, Uzes didn’t get the attention it deserved. BUT!!! Winner, Winner!!

Here are some of my favorite places I wish the viewers could have seen:


Place de Duche

I mean, where else do you find a Duke in residence?

Place de Duche


Fenestrelle Tower and Cathedral of Saint Théodorit

The cathedral and tower that mark the skyline in Uzes are part of the deep-rooted religious history of France. The cathedral, Saint Theodorit, was built in the 12th century,  destroyed in the Albigensian Crusade, rebuilt, and destroyed again in the 16th-century Wars of Religion. Built again in the 17th century, it was stripped out during the French Revolution, then refurbished in its neoclassical style in the 18th century. Through all the religious and political fervor, the 11th century Romanesque Tour Fenestrelle (“Window Tower”) is still intact — although previously two stories taller. The cathedral served as the seat of the Uzes bishopric from the 5th century until 1801. It is now a Protestant parish church. In the middle of the 16th century, Uzès was the fifth-biggest Protestant town in France.


Cathedral of Saint Theodorit


The Cathedral and 12th Century Tour Fenestrelle in Uzes


Saint Etienne d’Uzès

The church Saint Etienne d’Uzes has a similar history to Saint Théodorit of being built, destroyed, and rebuilt during religious wars in France. Renovation of the Baroque-style church built in 1764-1774 was started in 2004. Saint Etienne maintains its Greek cross design and curved façade, decorated with fire pots from which flames flow. The bell tower that served as the town’s watchtower and defense still stands since the 13th century. The interior dome, arches, and cornices are original, with stonework made then. The church continues to serve a Catholic congregation.

St. Etienne - Uzes


Remnants of an ancient wall

Remnants of the ancient guard wall Uzes


Bishop’s Tower

Uzes was the seat of the bishop’s temporal powers. The Bishop’s Tower was then a tribunal and prison. This tall, square tower is topped by an octagonal clock tower and belfry, added in the 19th century.Bishop's Tower - Uzes

King’s Tower

King’s tower was used as a royal residence and for housing troops. Louis XIII stayed here in July 1629. It is said that King Charles hit his head on one of the low doorways in the tower and died from the blow.

King's Tower - Uzes

 Cinéma Le Capitole

The cinema in Uzes is a step back into the 40s with its art films, Metropolitan Opera re-broadcasts, and the season’s newest movies. Can’t you imagine Humphrey Bogart walking down the street?

Cinema in Uzes


Gendarmerie and Uzes police — always on guard

Uzes gendarmer and police


Philippe Deschamps

This is where the locals go for the finest chocolates and pastries in town.

Philippe Dechamps Uzes


Le Provençal

My favorite hangout for lunch!

Le Provencal


Watering the Flowers

A horse-drawn cart with a tank of water for the flowers is a common sight in the Place de Duche during the summertime.

Water horses in Uzes


Place aux Herbes

In the House Hunters episode, we saw a lot of the Place aux Herbes. There’s no question this is the true center of Uzes.

Place aux Herbes


Welcome to Uzès!



Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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