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Uzès Mid COVID, Welcoming Travelers

The gates are beginning to open to visitors and tourists in Uzès mid-COVID, welcoming travelers, mainly from Europe. It’s an anxious time for Uzetians who feel they have been somewhat “safe” in their medieval village. Friends are glad to reunite with their EU buddies returning to their second homes. But there’s an undertone of fear about anyone who hasn’t been locked down or quarantined here.

Since my return, I’ve completed a two-week voluntary quarantine. To be honest, it was amazing to be back in my apartment after eight months away. (Read more here). Especially when I had to do nothing except sleep and eat. My refrigerator was stocked with food that my friends brought in before I arrived. All my favorites, of course!


“Nothing to do” is not saying I wasn’t busy. I rearranged my kitchen cabinets inside and out; I chalk-painted old furniture and accidentally destroyed some of my favorite pottery. Nearly half the pottery I’ve accumulated in France fell off my poorly engineered kitchen shelves. All came tumbling down at three o’clock in the morning! When I was awakened, I was sure a tank had crashed through my apartment!

Remember this precious creamer from the visit to the Plus Beaux Village Narjac?

Out and About Uzès Mid COVID

I was not required to quarantine by any mandate from border control. Nevertheless, I stayed to myself for two weeks. When “free,” I took off for some of my favorite places.

Uzès Restaurants

Starting my rounds, I noticed most local restaurants were open for dining outdoors. Servers were wearing masks for their protection and for consideration to their customers.

Villa Curti 

Anytime is a good time for Villa Curti, where you can enjoy a unique and varied menu, including specialties from India and the Middle East.

Lunch “bowl” with couscous, vegetables, and a choice of chicken, tuna, or vegetarian option


Ask visitors or town folk, “What is your favorite restaurant in Uzès?” Nowadays, the answer is “Ten.” The menu is based on the day’s freshest find; the preparation and presentation are divine. The service is always friendly and thoughtful. Be sure to inquire about the cocktail specials. They’re Uzès famous!

Take Out Food

Some Uzès establishments- like the hidden away La Boca– still offer foods to take out, as they did during the lockdown. At La Boca, it’s not a burger and fries. It’s velouté courgette or a restaurant specialty offered in individual glass jars.

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Saturday Market

Market day is the one time of the week that I ached for a while away. Saturday Market was the first thing I fell in love with about Uzès, and it’s still the time and place I love the most. On my first visit back, before Europe’s borders were opened, I was surprised by the number of shoppers. As seen below, at least a third of the people were wearing masks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Familiar Places

What is so comforting about returning to Uzès is its familiarity. The streets and alleys are the same; the grand plazas are unchanged; my favorite stopping places are still here.

Uncertain Times

This week, I confess, I stayed away from the market because of the crowds. I am one of the vulnerable — over 65 years old. Life in Uzès will be different for me now. I feel like I did eight years ago when I took off on this European adventure. My life will be markedly changed due to travel restrictions and my self-imposed limits to move about freely. Hopefully, you will join me on this next part of my journey.

Everything is much more fun knowing you’re alone. Stay tuned …



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