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Emerging Mid-COVID in Uzès

Emerging mid-COVID in Uzès is a tricky business, as it is in other parts of the world where active seniors live among the community’s population.

I am among the group of people susceptible to the virus in Uzès. Pneumonia and various lung issues have been problems for me all my life. I will wear a mask in public places, shun crowds, and live like a monk. Which, by the way, is very appropriate now that I live in a former monastery.

Emerging mid-COVID in Uzès

Meeting friends

Since returning to Uzès, I’ve joined with friends on various occasions. One gathering was a garden party. The hostess, Nevenka, who you might remember from our visit to a French health spa (read more here …), was very serious about social distancing and refreshments at the party. A chemical engineer before retirement, Nevenka knows a lot about everything, especially health risks. The wine was dispensed out of a box, and aperitifs were store-bought from Picard, the extraordinary chain store that carries gourmet frozen foods. Each food item was individually packaged for serving. Party seating was a minimum of six feet apart.

Conversation groups are prevalent in Uzès. One that I’ve joined is a group of French and English-speaking people who want to learn from each other. The group started in a cafe in town. Now, they take turns meeting in a  member’s garden. Respectfully distanced as shown below.

Friends regularly meet for lunch or dinner at their favorite places (Villa Curti). We want to support local merchants, and we’d go just for the food.

Markets and shopping 

Wednesday and Saturday markets are getting into full swing. I skip going into the marketplace during the day on Saturday. On Wednesdays, I pick up “must-haves” like anchoide, olives, nuts, and local vegetables early.

On weekdays, a stop at the corner greengrocery, Gaffiers, offers all I could want. Look at those tomatoes!

After shopping, a cold beer on a neighbor’s patio hits the spot. Yes, I drink Heineken. It’s packaged in tiny bottles that are easy to carry while walking.


Enjoying the scenery

Living through a pandemic is not easy for anyone. I count myself as one of the lucky few. In Uzès, I’m in a safe place. I try not to take it for granted.

A warm welcome and a cold beer at Valia’s are all part of life in Uzès.

Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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