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A Foodie Holiday in Antibes

Antibes have a unique attraction for me. Perhaps it’s the architecture and the narrow, colorful avenues. It could be the quaint little hotel where I stay, close to little shops and outdoor cafes yet hidden away. On my most recent visit, the main attraction was where to eat in Antibes. Here’s a look at Antibes restaurant favorites

For the past three years, I’ve made a long weekend pilgrimage to Antibes with my good buddies Paula and Rich. This year, we added our friend, Trish, to the party.

Before we left for Antibes, Trish innocently asked, “What do we do in Antibes?”

Paula and I, almost in unison, replied: “absolutely nothing.”

We meant it. The annual getaway is our chance to be together in a totally relaxed atmosphere — before the onslaught of summer visitors, traveling, and activities in and around Uzès.

Usually, we spend a part of a day exploring something we haven’t seen or done around Antibes. Last year, it was the Fete Voiles. This year, we walked to and around the park at Fort Carreé.

For most of our time in Antibes, we ate. A lot.

Hungry? Read on at your own risk!

Antibes restaurant favorites*

Lunch (déjuener) at Le Don Juan is becoming a regular stop on visits to Antibes. Always good! The gnocchi with veggies was a perfect choice for our vegetarian friend.

Antibes restaurant favorites
Casual bistro Le Don Juan was a treat for déjeuner with a mix of Provençal style and local specialties: ancienne tomato salad, veggie-stuffed farce, calamari, and gnocchi with vegetables.

Dinner at Autour du Jardin was even more special with friends from House Hunters International. We lucked out that Erin, Stewart, and their kids were visiting Antibes at the same time. (Can I call these adorable young adults “kids?”) 

Antibes restaurant favorites
Autour du Jardin is with the kids, Paula and Erin, Stewart, and the Barefoot Blogger. The fancy Caprese salad and lemon tart were my favorites. 

Dinner at Côte Terroir meant eating fancy food that tasted as good as it looked. Because it was a windy night, there was no outside seating. Who cared? The service and French cuisine take on local specialties was impeccable. An unforgettable dining experience. 

Antibes restaurant favorites
Côte Terroir, Antibes muse bouche parmesan “pops”; soft boiled egg with nut-crumb wrap and jambon; gambas (shrimp) risotto, and the chef’s take on pavlova with mango

The final night in Antibes means dining out on the plage (beach) in Juan-les-Pins. This year, we discovered Le Ruban Bleu. Our “regular” restaurant had disappeared. Some restaurants are on city property, and some spots are owned by the French government. The state-owned ones are closed. Go figure? 

Antibes restaurant favorites
Le Ruban Bleu in Juan-les-Pins offered the seafood specialties and beachfront dining we craved. Fish soup, pasta with clams, and a fancy mixed vegetarian salad… with a view. 

Light lunch and drinks at The Brooklyn, along the harbor, were great for casual dining. Who could resist this smiling waiter, a bento box for our vegetarian, and a giant Jack Daniels burger? The Colonel cocktail (citron sorbet with vodka) was terrific, too. 

Antibes restaurant favorites

*Like fashion trends, the best restaurants in Antibes change over time due to various factors. During this visit, we indulged in these delightful places. Check your go-to food guides,’

Want to know more about Antibes than just the gastronomy?



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