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Village Scenes in Uzès: Public Services

Village Scenes in UZÈS

One morning I was awakened to a strange sound in the street beneath my window. There were horses braying below.

Like a child looking for Saint Nicholas, I jumped out of the bed, flew open the sash, and grabbed my camera.

Village scenes in Uzès


Village scenes in Uzès

Later I learned the horses were pulling a water wagon to feed the town’s plants.


It would be a real feat to maneuver a truck around these street barriers. Village scenes in Uzès

Plus, what a delightful way to start a day.

More Village Scenes in Uzès

In Uzès, the village square bustles every week with a Saturday market that’s filled with exuberant life: fresh produce, cheese vendors, flower stalls, and more.

Village scenes in Uzès

Cobblestone streets and ancient stone houses are adorned with shutters and lace, like time standing still.

Village scenes in Uzès


The Duché, a remnant of medieval days, watches over the village, its courtyard offering glimpses into royal life.



Cafes in Uzès are where life happens – for locals and strangers. We are welcomed with food and wine that are house specialties.

Village scenes in Uzès

Then there are the fountains –  quiet, elegant, bringing a piece of calm to the present.


These are the threads of life in my beloved Uzès.

Uzès might not be a grand metropolis, but it’s got a rhythm, a heartbeat that draws you in. The everyday moments become memories, the people you meet, and how this place makes you feel alive. I love Uzès, in all its unassuming, timeless glory.



Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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