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7 Reasons You Should Go To The Camargue

It’s hard to say ‘no’ when there are so many reasons to go to the Camargue.

Visiting the Camargue

The preserved area south of Arles,  the Parc naturel régional de Camargue, is between the Mediterranean and the Rhone River delta. One-third of the Camargue is marshland, lagoons, and lakes. The rest is cultivated fields brimming with rice, grapes, and grain at different times of the year.

The ecology of the area is unlike any other place in the world. White Camarguais horses roam on open fields with Camargue bulls and feed only on natural grass and grasses. Salt mines that create pink-tinted lagoons and canals produce some of the world’s finest salts. Shrimp that thrive on the algae in the pinkish waterways feed flamingoes that gather in ponds and pools alongside the fields and roads. The shrimp diet colors the birds’ feathers pink. It’s all a grand circle of life.

The Camargue Safari

The most recent jaunt to the Camargue was with my guests from the States, including 10-year-old McKenna. While her mother and I thought a safari would be a huge thrill for McKenna, we all totally enjoyed the 4-hour tour by jeep. It wasn’t just because of our adorable and multi-lingual guide; we learned at least 7 reasons you should go to the Camargue. 

visiting the camargue


Reason #1: The Camarguais horses


visiting the camargue


visiting the camargue


Reason #2: The Camargue bulls

visiting the camargue



visiting the camargue
Camargues Bulls


Reason #3: Flamingos

visiting the camargue
Flamingos in the Camargue



visiting the camargue


Reason #4: Salt mines

visiting the camargue
Salt processed in the Camargue



visiting the camargue
Balin Salt brand from the Camargue is exported worldwide.


Reason #5: Rice

visiting the camargue
Rice fields in the Camargue


visiting the camargue


Reason #6: Wine

visiting the camargue



visiting the camargue


visiting the camargue


Reason #7: The culture

visiting the camargue
Home of a Gardian, or “rancher”



visiting the camargue
The Camargue cross symbolizes “faith, hope, and charity” to dwellers of the region.


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visiting the camargue


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