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Pottery Village’s “La Tournée du Père Noël”

A nearby pottery village at Christmas is the place to visit if you live in Uzès.  San Quentin la Poterie, is just down the road. The small town is filled with dozens of pottery shops and other sorts of magical places.   On this day, it was La Tournée du Père Noël, the annual holiday market.

Follow along as I wander through the streets and into the shops.

pottery village at Christmas


A Pottery Village at Christmas

The whole town of San Quentin la Poterie seemed to be out this day. If they weren’t joining shoppers, they were doing their favorite thing — bingo. 

… and pétanque

pottery village at Christmas
Playing Pétanque in San Quentin la Poterie


Petanque is a ball game played all over France, often in parks, squares, and dedicated petanque courts. Players stand inside a circle and throw hollow metal balls (boules) as close to a smaller target ball (the cochonnet). The player or team with the closest boule wins the round. The most common target score is 13 points, but the game points can vary based on the players’ agreement. 

Players always look forward to the traditional drink of pastis, served before, during … and after the game!

pottery village at Christmas


pottery village at christmas


What a glorious way to start the holiday!

Christmas in San Quentin la Poterie



Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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