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Coovid caught me

Covid Caught Me

Running away from Covid doesn’t work. If it did, dashing back and forth to stay ahead or rush ahead of it failed me. This week, COVID caught me.

All along, I thought it was my twice-annual allergy sickness. All the same symptoms and feelings.

It wasn’t until I learned that friends I’d spent time with last week were ill that I thought to be tested. Bingo.

Covid Caught Me

Now, I feel like a pariah. I let down my guard. As careful as I’ve been for myself and others. I thought I knew more about my body than I did. I sniffed the wrong air; I touched something somewhere I shouldn’t. I got too close to someone. I stopped wearing masks, except where required. I stopped being careful. I started acting “normal.”

It’s hard to believe life has come to what it is today. We’re all so afraid. Afraid to touch. Afraid to speak our minds. We are sometimes scared of others we know as much as those we don’t know.

I am sad for those whose lives have been changed by Covid. For those lost, those suffering, and those who will never see their loved ones again.

For those who have now experienced COVID-19 and survived, I wish to say “congratulations.” Unfortunately, this may be just one of many times Covid catches me. I wish I could say I’ll be more competent or more careful next time out.

Dancing Around Covid

For over two years, I danced around Covid. Or Covid danced around me. Many in my family have been down with the insidious disease — my son, grandson, brother, and nephews. Fortunately, none of them were seriously ill. My most profound sadness and sincere condolence to you who have experienced worse.



Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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