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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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France and Italy in 20 Days

France To Italy

When ex-pats told me living in France draws many visitors, I had no idea how true it was. Since returning to Uzès in April, friends I haven’t seen in years have come to see me, and I love it!

After a two–day visit with a friend I met on a trip to China, two of my long-time buddies from work days in North Carolina found their way to Uzès. Their visit was delayed a day due to an airline strike in Paris. Nevertheless, they showed up raring to start our “Golden Girls’ Tour of France and Italy. ”

How could I resist?


Besides seeing unfamiliar parts of France and Italy, the prospect of fun and lessons for traveling with “mature ladies” made me anxious to go. The stories I can share are in this and upcoming blogs. I’ll save the others for my “tell all” book.

Day 1-4 Uzes
Day 5 Pont du Gard and Avignon
Day 6-7 Sete, Bezier and Bouzigues
Day 8-9 Pont Vendres and Collioure, France to Pisa, Italy
Day 10-12 Florence, Italy, and surroundings
Day 13-16 Rome and surroundings
Day 17-20 Akiris Nova Siri, Italy (a resort along the “arch of Italy’s boot”)


Stay tuned!






Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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