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‘Tis The Day After Christmas In Uzès

“Tis the day after Christmas in Uzès. For those who wish you could see the decorations and holiday market in my favorite town, enjoy the tour! 

While you’re here, I would like to share my thoughts and feelings for the day. I’m no poet, yet it came out in rhyme.

Day after Christmas in Uzès

”Tis the day after Christmas in Uzès”

‘Tis the day after Christmas

And all through the town

Church bells are silent

There’s no one around.


Stores are all shuttered

Streets strewn with leaves

Le Mistral is swirling

It roars and it heaves.


Stone houses look vacant

There’s rarely a light.

Townspeople have retreated,

Resigned to their plight.


It’s the day after Christmas

Yet there is no reprieve.

The world is on lockdown

It’s hard to believe.


A virus, a pandemic

Brought by a molecular spec

Has taken down nations,

The world’s in a wreck.


It’s the day after Christmas

We’re down on our knees.

There’s hope in the New Year

Will it end this disease?


Families are struggling,

Children not fed.

The lonely, the aged

The sick with no bed.


A glimmer of hope

That’s all we need.

Then, just like children,

We have to believe.


Deborah Bine ’20

Barefoot Blogger




Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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