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Snow In Uzès!

Snow in Uzès! Remember how excited you were as a child when you looked out your window and there was snow on the ground? That’s how I felt when we had snow in Uzès. It was glorious!

As you can imagine, it doesn’t often snow in southern France. That’s one reason so many come here to live.

Since I’ve been in Uzès for eight years and counting, it has snowed two times. The first was February 2018. I remember running to my little terrace in the apartment across from the Château du Duché and snapping photos. The snow on the ground hardly lasted until I could get dressed and down my 55 steps. (See video below)

Snow in Uzès 2021

Fast forward three years, and there is snow in Uzès again!

I am fortunate to have been in Uzès to experience both snow events. Giant snowflakes started falling early in the morning.

Photo: Dominique J.



Then, the snow-covered everything in sight. 



Those with cameras rushed out to see the snowfall in our most photographed spots. 


Surrounding towns, like Lussan and Le Beau Village de France, received their share of snow.

Photo: Lussan by Kate Langley

Snow made a grand showing in nearby Monteran, too.

Photo: Maggi Sietsma

Photo: Maggi Sietsma

Photo: Maggi Sietsma

Too soon, it was over—the big snow event of 2021. Cleanup crews showed up “enforce.”

Snow in Uzès


They left us with little more than a memory. .. 

Photo: Barbara Jaccquin


… and a lot of fabulous photos. A big “thank you” to friends who emailed their photos to share. 

Check out the photo captions with their names.

I hope to never forget the snow days in Uzès. Enjoy visiting the town as you may never see it. Who knows when we’ll be blessed again with these images. Come along while I share two of my favorite events.






snow in Uzès

Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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