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Life in Uzès Traveling with Pets

Life in Uzès: Traveling with a Pet

I’ve found a suitable companion after seven years of living in France. Now I’m learning about life in Uzès, traveling with a pet. 

Meet Fanny.

Life in Uzès Traveling with Pets

Fanny came into my life six weeks ago. Now, we’re inseparable.

My friend Aileen brought Fanny from Sete. Aileen knows how much I covet her little Yorkie, Karma, and she’s been looking for a “Karma” for me. Voila! One day, I got a call from Aileen. She’s on the way to Uzès with Fanny, a mini Karma. 

What’s in a name?

Before my British friends get too carried away with her name, a naughty word, I’m open to “sounds like” words: Franny, Annie, or the like will do.

Life in Uzés Traveling with a Pet

Fanny is 11 years old, and she’s been treated kindly, so she’s easy to train. She’s helping me with French because  French words are the commands she understands. 

My beloved dogs of the past can never be replaced in my heart. Yet Fanny has come along for me at the best possible time.

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Lots of dog friends are waiting to meet Fanny.

Life in Uzés Traveling with a Pet

The little princess is settling right into life in Uzés.

Yes, my friends are making Fanny feel welcome.

 Soon, Fanny will be a transcontinental gal.

We’re off to the US in June, where she’ll meet the family. On the way, she’s traveling in style. Fortunately, she weighs only 2.5 kilos. The nifty pet carrier weighs about the same. I should be able to manage that!

Life always has its twists and turns. Fanny will add a new dimension to my travels and adventures. 

Stay tuned…


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barefoot blogger moving to france

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