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France, Turkey and Nepal: Travel Musings

France, Turkey, and Nepal: Travel Musings

Let me apologize for missing regular postings over the last few weeks. Traveling for a month, non-stop, has left little time to write as often as I’d like.

Now, I have the next few months to catch up on the adventures of the Barefoot Blogger through France, Turkey, and Nepal. There’s a lot to tell! Hopefully, you will enjoy revisiting the fantastic places I’ve been and experiencing all I’ve learned about these faraway places.

Ceremonies and traditions

You briefly visited a wedding ceremony in the last post from Nepal. There are “coming of age” events, burials, and the “Living Goddess” to discuss.

Churches, temples and mosques

Religions vary as much as the people who practice them. Places of worship play an essential part in the culture and the city-scapes of France, Turkey, and Nepal. The art and architectural similarities and differences are striking and memorable.

People and daily life

How do people who live a world apart from us spend their days? Education, transportation, and shopping are as vital to individuals in the mountains of Nepal as they are to those living in metropolitan Lyon, France.

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

Mountain climbing, trekking, and rafting

“Adventure” is the one word to describe the visit to Nepal. However, the physical preparation began before I left France. The best news? I’m going to tell you about it!

Stay tuned!





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barefoot blogger moving to france

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