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Himalayan Hiking Trails

Himalayan Hiking Trails

Wake-up calls at six-thirty in the morning aren’t my idea of “fun” at home or on vacation. However, when the knock on the door means an offer for “coffee, tea or hot chocolate, Ma’am,” and a trek in the Himalayas, I’m ready to hop out of bed — cold cabin and all.

Hiking in the Himalayas is perhaps the only way to experience village life. Roads in this part of Nepal are few and far between. They are dirt and stone, and most have deep ruts from traffic and monsoon washouts.

Hiking trails/aka roads in the Himalayas
Hiking trails/aka roads in the Himalayas

As we make our way through the mountain villages, we are greeted by the Nepalese “Hello” as we pass.


Himalayan child motioning "Namaste"
Himalayan child motioning “Namaste”

The villagers must be used to seeing tourists by now. They stop only to wave and say “namaste,” even though I’m certain we must look strange in our khakis, sunglasses, and hats.

Villager in Himalayas
Villager in Himalayas


Nepalese woman carrying basket filled with grass
A Nepalese woman carrying a basket filled with grass

Perhaps the dog that followed us most of the morning thought we looked a bit odd…


School children

Many village children are out in the mornings on their way to school. They often travel up to two hours on foot to reach the nearest schoolhouse. As we chart their same course, we think about their journey during monsoon season and in the summer heat.

Children on the way to faraway school
Children on the way to a faraway school


Farm crop – millet

Millet is one of the crops that grows easily in the mountainous terrain. It is used for cooking as well as for a favorite drink — wine. It’s 45% plus alcohol, so it “warms” the body, especially in the winter cold.

After millet is harvested, it must be beaten to loosen the grain from the stalk. Then the grain is left out to dry before being used or stored away.

Woman beating millet as village men look on.
Women beat Millet as village men look on.


Millet drying
Millet drying



 A peaceful existence

Life is not easy for the people of the Himalayas. Yet the atmosphere is so peaceful and serene. The world and its problems seem far from this heavenly place.

Himalayan mountain scenery
Himalayan mountain scenery










A look inside some of the homes shows that life is simple, at best. Interestingly, many places are outfitted with TVs. Some modern conveniences are provided by the young men who bring items home after working in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, and other places where manual labor is needed.

Water buffalo at play

Along one path, I ran across a water buffalo who wanted to play in his stall. Wish you could have heard him snort as I teased him to raise his head.


Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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