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Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Adventures in France

Every time I visit the US to see family, it’s always the same. My grandson insists on watching videos of his grandmother’s hot air balloon ride.

I’ll admit, when I think about the day I took my first hot air balloon ride, I get as excited as a 4-year-old.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

The idea for a hot air balloon ride was not mine. Good friend Julie, who I traveled with a few years ago through the Dordogne, was the brainchild. She’s one of those travelers who does a lot of research. Somewhere, she learned a company offered balloon rides near where we were headed between the Dordogne and Paris. All she had to do was mention it, and I was sold.

Never did I imagine it could be quite so much fun.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying high in a hot air balloon, come along for the ride!

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Hot Air Balloon

If you like hot air ballooning as a spectator sport, there are hot air balloon events near Uzès several times a year. Like this one at the Vallée de l’Eure.

Have you taken a balloon ride in France? Please tell me all about it!

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Would I do it again? You betcha!


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barefoot blogger moving to france

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