barefoot blogger moving to france
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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

barefoot blogger moving to france
Barefoot BloggeR

Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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Memories Tour Interrupted

When the Barefoot Blogger sets out for a new adventure, it’s hard to predict the trouble I might get intolike a hospital in France.

Hospital in France

I ended up in a French hospital with author Patricia Sands and sixteen lovely ladies on the eighth day of the South of France Memories Tour.

Broken bones! 

A tour of the French medical system was more than I bargained for, yet here I am.

French Hospital Tour

It all started in Aigues-Mortes, the ancient walled city near the Camargue. Patricia and I were returning to the bus after finishing our guided tour and lunch. We were running a bit late.

When we left the town’s main gate, we saw the tour ladies had already boarded the bus. They were waiting for us. Patricia stumbled and fell as we hurried across the busy street, laughing that the tour leaders were holding things up. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her falling.

The next thing I knew, I tripped on the street curb. My face was headed straight for the sidewalk. I threw out my left hand to catch myself, then rolled to the right. My shoulder and hip pounded the pavement.

Immediately, I knew I was hurt. I was nauseous. It was just like I’d felt seven years before when I fell off the countertop in my kitchen.

French Hospital Tour

Since that fateful day in Aigues-Mortes, I’ve had surgery to put pins in my hip. My right arm is strapped to my side, so the broken shoulder will heal without surgery.

I’ve spent twelve days in the hospital. First, the university hospital in Nimes. Now, I’m in a rehab hospital in a field between Nîmes and Uzés. Really. That’s all I can see.

French hospital tour
View from my private room at the rehab hospital.

The medical care I’ve received — from ambulance to emergency room, to surgery and aftercare– has been superb. I couldn’t ask for better. The rehab hospital where I am now is brand new and modern. I’m in a private room.

I promise I’ll write a post about the whole hospital experience later. Like me, some of you who travel worry about accidents. So far, so good.

Clipped Wings

Needless to say, I was unfortunate to leave Patricia and the Memories Tour. We were having a ball. The group of women joining us from the US, Canada, and Australia was extraordinary. It was like we were made to travel together.

French hospital tour

Nancy McGee of Absolutely Southern France, who made all the arrangements for the South of France Memories Tour, dropped all she was doing to stand in for me the last 3 days of the trip. Along with Patricia, they made sure that everything went along as planned.

The good news for the ladies was that they gained the benefit of a seasoned travel pro on their tour. In addition to her destination planning company, Nancy is known for her walking tours in Sete, Montpelier, Pezenas, and more, and she teaches classes at the university in Montpellier to future travel agents.

French hospital tour

Sad News All Around

As discouraged as I was about my plight, I was distraught to hear of the damage done by Hurricane Florence back in the US. The storm hurled through areas I’d called “home,” causing friends and family to flee to safe places. To any of you who were affected, I pray you are faring well now.

Memories Tour Continued

Now that I know I can type with the thumb of one hand on my iPad, I plan to pick up where I left off on documenting the Memories Tour. My accident is not the memory I want to leave you with. Instead, it’s the friendships and experiences we had that I will be remembering for a lifetime.

Stay tuned …

French hospital tour


Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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