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Uzes: A Food Lover’s Southern France Holiday

You would be forgiven for thinking Paris is the best place to experience French food. Surprisingly, however, many would argue against such a claim. While it is at the forefront and, to some extent, the gateway to French cuisine for the average traveler, many other excellent food hubs across the country rival Paris’s thriving restaurant scene. doesn’t mean the city isn’t without its fair share of excellent restaurants. For one, Chez Dumonet, helmed by Chef Jean-Christian Dumonet, was dubbed by Fodor’s Travel as the best restaurant in Paris. Chez Dumonet is so well known now that this restaurant is on most foodies’ bucket lists when they visit the capital.



Many other excellent food hubs across the country rival Paris’s thriving restaurant scene…like Uzes, way down in the south of France. 

Uzes is a hidden gem. The NY Times Travel Magazine described the town as one of the “best preserved and most meticulously renovated towns in the South of France.”

southern france holiday

A Food Lover’s Southern France Holiday

In Uzes, the people have retained their identity in every aspect of daily living, from architecture to cultural practices, how they prepare food and their cooking traditions. You would be forgiven for thinking Paris is the best place to experience French food. However,

Unique foods, cafes, and restaurants are everywhere. The food markets in Uzes are bustling with vendors that sell only the best and freshest locally grown produce, meats, cheeses, and breads. The Guardian included these markets as among the best food markets worldwide.

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

If you’d instead pass on checking out every stall and just fancy watching people around in the morning, head to Terroirs within the Place aux Herbes. Simply sit down and sip your cup of coffee or tea while watching one of the finest markets within the whole southern region of France spring to life.

La Table 2 Julien at Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers serves sumptuous food at lunchtime that you can pair with a glass of your preferred wine.

Uzes has ‘natural wines’ which, according to Real Food Warrior, are made only from sun-ripened grapes and free from additives.

For special occasions, there’s Le Comptoir du 7,

The newly-renovated Hotel Entraigues is a rising star on the restaurant scene in Uzes, with Chef Axel Grousset-Bachelard returning to his hometown, determined to outshine any competition. His “nothing is fixed’ menu” is short and imaginative, featuring market-day fresh, local products that “excite the tastebuds,” according to Chef Axel.

You can also have a bistro meal on the spot in cafes and restaurants scattered around the area. They are worthy additions to your culinary journey.

If you’re wondering about food etiquette during your Southern France holiday, see Nancy McGee’s post about French dining etiquette.

Posted November, 2016

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