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Summer Concert in Nîmes' ancient arena

Summer in Nîmes’ Ancient Arena. Nîmes Rocks!

Elton John is in Nîmes tonight. He’s just one of the stars showing up for a summer concert in Nîmes’ ancient arena. 

Last year, I saw Sting in the arena. It was more than magical. Imagine watching and listening to a 21st-century rock idol in a 1st-century coliseum. There’s no doubt the French love him. What a night!

Join me as I reminisce …

Summer in Nîmes

Want to know more about Nîmes and the Roman history behind its stone walls and majestic architecture?

Why is Nimes a “must-see” for lovers of Roman history? It’s a city where you can see, touch, and experience Roman life in France during the Roman Empire.

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

France has so many unique places to visit it’s hard to decide where to start. If you’re a Roman history buff, you must visit Nimes to learn about Roman life in France. Unlike other places with a rich Roman history that are now in ruins, the artifacts from Augustus Caesar’s time are still in active use. You can walk on the same streets, into the same buildings …, and sit in the same seats as the Romans who once occupied this part of Gaul.

Visiting Nimes is more than seeing “remnants” of a Roman civilization. There are intact, still-standing Roman structures. A Roman temple, a Roman arena, and a Roman tower. These are places that are enjoyed now by real, 21st-century people.

  Why Nimes is a “Must See” for Roman History Lovers


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barefoot blogger moving to france

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