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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

Discovering Roman Life in Gaul: Narbonne

Via Domitia in Narbonne

Now that I live in Uzès,  I wish I knew more about Roman life in France. I should have paid more attention to Ms. Clegg, my Latin teacher in high school. I hated going to Latin class. I struggled to learn the language. I didn’t work hard enough. Fortunately, Ms. Clegg had more faith in […]

Pézenas: Markets, Moliere and a King’s Stamp of Approval

 The city of Moliere is steeped in history, including tales of a visit by a King that put the Languedoc village on the map. Pézenas is a town I can return to over and over — even in the Mistral and rain. The first time I visited Pézenas, I was curious to see the town […]

The Postman’s Palace

The story of Ferdinand Cheval and his “Postman’s Palace” is one that few people outside France recognize. Yet, the monument he built to honor his love for his daughter draws an average of 300,000 visitors yearly. They come to the small town of Hauterives, southeast of Lyon, in the Drôme Department, to marvel at the […]

Solo Travel Tips and Wisdom

Solo travel is the passion that started it all, and it’s still my favorite way to see the world. Here are some tips I’ve learned.

The Basics About Uzès

One of France’s most charming and popular destinations It seems more and more people want to know and visit Uzès. The growing crowds and booming rental market say this medieval town is fast becoming a hot spot in the south of France. Within easy traveling distance from Montpellier, Nimes, and Avignon, and its proximity to […]

French Cooking, Kiwi Style

Peta Mathias, the New Zealand book author, TV personality, and former Paris restaurant owner heads straight for the Uzès farmers market when she arrives at her south of France home — especially when she’s been stuck in lockdown for 36 months. On her shopping trips, there are often six or more guests from her culinary tour or cooking classes who are hanging on her every word.

Life in France: Managing Expectations

It’s been ten years since my “Great Adventure” in Uzès began. Truthfully, I’m amazed I’m still here. It all has to do with managing expectations. The Beginning Uzès on that Saturday morning ten years ago was more than I expected. The weekly market was in full swing. The circular street surrounding the historic Uzès district […]

Valentine Myths and Legends

Valentine’s Day is more than a box of chocolates in France. It’s a day to celebrate the myths and legends of Saint Valentine.  Roquemaure,  a hamlet in the south of France, boasts a special connection to Saint Valentine. Each odd year,  on the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day, more than fifteen thousand tourists descend on the […]

Zipping Through France

My dream visit to Paris is now a part of recorded history. Today, I’m zipping through France towards Nice.  When I say “zipping,” it’s no joke. The direct train from Gare Lyon to Nice is traveling at 294 km. I’ll step off the train in the sunny south in six hours. To catch up on […]