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Tasty Bites in Uzes

Mon fils and I are on the way to Lyon, the “stomach of France.” The 5-star restaurants in Lyon are hardly within our budget; nevertheless, we’re ready for some extraordinary French cuisine.

Meanwhile, in Uzes, we’ve been spending a lot of time at local cafes — some better than others. On the “better” end of the scale is

The high quality of the food and meal presentation at this unassuming restaurant was a total surprise. If I’ve walked past their door once, I passed a hundred times without thinking about going in. Now I know better.

Here’s a closer look at that pork dish…

Le Comptoir du 7


Vieux Cafe d’Aniathazze is another place we’ve enjoyed visiting a couple of times lately.

Vieux Cafe d'Aniathazze in Uzes
Vieux Cafe d’Aniathazze in Uzes

It’s located across from the Tourist Agency and is almost always filled with locals and tourists, inside and outside. In fact, I thought it was a bit “too busy,” so I usually sought out more out-of-the-way places.

That changed when I walked by one day in the late afternoon after not having eaten since breakfast. I was starving! Since it was between mealtime, there were no customers at the restaurant; only a few waiters were sitting outside eating pizza. Walking close enough to them to catch their eyes, I motioned by rubbing my stomach with my hand that I was hungry. One of the waiters spoke up, in pretty good English:

“I’ll fix something for you to eat,” he said. “Let me finish my pizza.”

He stood up, seated me at a nearby table, and headed into the restaurant. In a moment, he returned with a beer in his hand, which he sat in front of me.  In a few minutes, I was gulping down a piping hot beef and cheese sandwich with fries on the side.

Vieux Cafe d'Aniathazze
Vieux Cafe d’Aniathazze

Pizza at Vieux Cafe d’Aniathazze is really good, especially the 4-cheese (with Roquefort!), and this 4-seasons is colorful and might be tasty.



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The salads are pretty special too, like these greens with bacon topped with a lacy crêpe “cup” filled with warm goat cheese.

Vieux Cafe d'Aniathazze
Vieux Cafe d’Aniathazze


2014-11-16 14.09.59While we’re talking about good and interesting food, check out the hot chocolate from Terroirs at the Place aux Herbes. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.



Yep… I’m ready for taste-testing Lyon. Bring it on!



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barefoot blogger moving to france

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