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Heaven On Earth

OMG! This place is better than I remembered.

Uzès is heaven on earth.

After leaving the hotel yesterday morning, I took a cab to the train station in Barcelona heading for France. My luck had worsened with computer problems and no AC in my hotel room, so I decided to take no chances and get a cab to the train station.

The scenery from the train wasn’t as exciting as I expected. The windows of my coach were dirty, so I didn’t get the spectacular views and photos I hoped for. However, traveling at 250 km/hr was exciting enough. I was to get into Nimes just past noon.

Before leaving the States, I messaged a friend I had met in France in 2011 to see if we could meet up sometime. The good news is that he was available to meet me at the train in Nimes. After a “welcome back” lunch and a chance to catch up on the last two years, my friend dropped me off at my door in Uzès.

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

Here’s my home away from home. Ain’t it great? 

Yes, Uzès is heaven on earth!

First stop, shopping! Anyone who knows me has to admit I’m a diehard shopper. Of course, my first stop in Uzfès would have to be to buy something “irresistible.” Who could help from walking into this boutique? Promise, I found something more suitable than all the ruffles. Oh yes, I did take a few minutes to walk by THE fountain. The one that entranced me two years ago.

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barefoot blogger moving to france

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