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Uzès on Second COVID Lockdown

Uzès is on the second COVID lockdown. In a small town, we are experiencing a severe outburst of infections. Stone walls and lofty towers are not protecting us from the pandemic. There are very few places in the world to hide from the virus. For me, or anyone else,  to candy-coat its devastation and impact on our lives is impossible.

I can show you what the second COVID lockdown in France looks like in Uzès. Also, I can say that I’d rather be here than anywhere else. Knowing this small, medieval town has weathered centuries of disasters encourages me. It’s still standing. In all, it’s beauty.

The Duché

The second COVID lockdown in Uzès is much like last March. All but essential businesses are closed. Restaurants are shuttered except for those choosing to sell take-out foods. Wearing masks is mandatory, with a fine for non-mask wearers. Townspeople can leave their homes for work-related tasks, care for the elderly, transport children to school, and other approved obligations. One-hour walks or time outdoors are permitted within one kilometer of your residence. For all outside excursions, you must complete and submit an online form, or “attestation.” found on the government website. Print the form and carry it with you … or copy it to your phone… to show, if necessary.

Personally, I’ve not seen any enforcement activity in town. However, the threat of a fine or confrontation (in French, of course!) keeps me toeing the line.

The absence of tourists, cars, and noise during the second COVID lockdown means you can experience Uzès like never before.


Busy streets are quiet.




Elegant doors crafted by master woodworkers from centuries ago stand solid and regal.



Closed windows say volumes.



Narrow alleys seem more mysterious.



Shuttered doors and stores are forlorn.



Yet, the sight of holiday decorations promises a new season. A reason to be grateful.



Join me for a Uzès lockdown Saturday walk around town.






Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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