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Saturday Market Uzes, France

Uzès Saturday Market Virtually Real Time

Now that I can blog about my visit to Uzès on my iPhone, my tech problems may be solved. You won’t see the most professional layout, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy the monologue and photos … starting with the Uzès Saturday market! 

Uzès Saturday Market

Shopping everywhere
Saturday Market Day usurps any other business activity that might go on in the small town’s historic district. Lots of permanent shops are closed. Vendors are everywhere, not just in the plazas but also along the main streets, not just limited to the plazas. It takes over the entire historic district. The town’s a colorful shopping paradise.

Place aux Herbes and Place Nicclas Fromant
Produce, meats, cheeses, pastries, clothing, and more are spread out for sale up and down the streets and alleyways. You’ve got stalls of fresh fruits and veggies, beautifully displayed. The freshly baked pastries, bread, cheese, and wine are everywhere you turn.

What couldn’t I resist?
But it’s not just about food – oh no! Alongside the fruits and veggies, you’ll find artisans selling their wares. Jewelry, pottery, and artwork — it’s all there and hard to resist. In fact, a handmade leather bracelet with a silver clasp that just had to go home with me.

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What’s next?

Staying in Uzes for 25 days means I want to see what it’s like living here. .. not just being a tourist. So, after three days, I’m beginning to settle in. That means I’m stocking up the fridge and beginning to learn my way around. After spending a leisurely morning in the loggia enjoying my coffee, chocolate croissant, and a Bach piano concerto on the stereo, I set out for a walking tour of the neighborhood. Join me. 









Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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