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Uzes Saturday Market

Winter Market in Uzès: It’s Not Quite the Same

Uzès Winter Saturday Market

You should be here in February if you’ve visited the Uzès, Saturday Market, during tourist season and hate the crowds. The market is almost the same, minus the throngs of people.

Uzes Saturday MarketThis weekend’s market day was sunny and cold — a crisp 45 degrees when I set out. Clear blue skies and a light wind.

Uzes Saturday Market

While some of my favorite vendors were in place, many shops were shuttered.

A local hangout, Au Suisse d’Alger, was minus its usual outside market watchers. Yet there was a bustle inside where it was warm and cozy.

In the market, an assortment of new produce was proudly displayed and on sale.

Uzes Saturday Market

Market regulars were busy as usual. 

On such a beautiful day, all who could be there were out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Winter market in Uzes

Winter market in Uzes

Main Street for Uzès Saturday Market

There was a marked difference in the number of street vendors on the main street and Rue Gambetta. Although there were many more than in earlier days of winter when the weather was in the 30s. 

Winter market in Uzes

Still, you could count on those who gather at the Café de l’Esplanade to be there for coffee and to pick up their fresh oysters. 

Winter market in Uzes

Best of all, store and street inventory were priced to go.


Yes, the 3 pairs of boots are mine! At 15 euros a pair, could I resist?

Uzes Saturday Market

When the sun shines, you can depend on the French to dine outdoors. Market days are a time for friends to gather wherever there’s an open table.

Uzes Saturday Market
Cafes outside with customers

Uzes Saturday Market

Happy happy day! Oh, La Vache was open again after a too-long winter break. Their “CocoRico” chicken sandwich was still the same. The best! Grilled chicken, aubergine and melted chèvre. Oh, la la! (Not to mention a pichet (50cl) of rosé – to share, of course!)

Uzés Saturday Market Day

To top off the day, a stop at Gaffier’s Green Grocery was a “must.” Always the same: the freshest produce, wine at excellent prices — and a welcoming smile.  

Uzes Saturday Market

And, oh yes, it’s the only place in town to buy fresh herbs out of season. After a day at the market, what was my next mission? Gravlax! 

Uzes Saturday Market

Stay tuned …

Uzes Saturday Market

Day trip from Uzes to the Cevennes

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