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Amazing Proof That “Art Imitates Life” in France

Artist Friends in France

This blog was born when the Barefoot Blogger decided to travel to France. It was intended as a “letter back home” to those I know so they could keep up with my adventure. Little did I know that the blog would take on a life of its own. Now, it introduces me to new friends from around the world.

Andy Newman, an artist from Massachusetts who lives in France for part of the year, made contact after reading a blog post about the Luberon. Not only did he recognize the location of each of the photos in the blog, but he also had paintings that looked like they were created in the same spot. As we passed emails back and forth over the following months, we were amazed at the similarities between my photos and his artwork.

Art imitates Life 

A visit to Tresques, France

Before Andy and I met in person, you may remember a blog post about this interesting man who had put aside a prosperous law practice to be an artist. When Andy and his family were in France this summer, we had to meet. He was presenting his work in Tresques, a quaint village less than an hour from Uzès. Visiting the exhibit and the town was a great day trip through the beautiful countryside. As you can see from another “art imitates life” painting by Andy, the road to Tresques is lined with plane trees as far as you can see.

artist friends in france

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Andy Newman
Artist Friends in France Andy Newman






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barefoot blogger moving to france

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