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Hot Weather In France

How to Make the Best of Hot Weather In France

As I write this post, I’m far from France’s hot weather. I’m in the US for a few weeks, spending time with my “grands.” Usually, I’m not anxious to leave Uzes, but I’ll admit, the heat was getting to me. The thermometer in town was nearly exploding at 39.444 Celsius, 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Without air conditioning in my apartment, I was sweltering. Nevertheless, my friends and I found ways to make the best of it.

Forget the hot weather in France with great seasonal foods

No matter how hot it gets, there’s always a respite away from the heat when there’s great food around. This day, the restaurant was in Nimes, a place I had visited when I first arrived to live in France. I had forgotten the name but ran across it again in this post from long ago. I won’t forget it again!

Hot Weather In France
You don’t have to venture far from Uzes to find fresh seasonal treats like this tartine made with aubergine, tomatoes, and peppers from Le Vieux Cafe in Uzes.

Escape the heat with local art. 

Fortunately, two of my favorite local artists had exhibitions before I left town. Andy Newman, an American who lives near Uzès part-time and whom I’ve written about before, was just setting up his show at the studio next to the Tourist Office. I had a chance to run by to see him … and to snap up a new piece of his work. The exhibit lasts until August 18th, so stop by if you’re around Uzes.

Another artist friend, François Lewandrowski, is exhibiting his work nearby, too. I still love my crazy oiseau (bird) painting that I bought from Francois, and I love attending his parties!

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Party, Party!

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

As hot as it may get in the south of France, it’s always party time. While I didn’t attend many  Fete Votive events this year, I saw the electric parade. This year, more people were attending than ever before. The colorful floats and marching bands are always crowd favorites.


Everyone is partying around Uzes in August despite the weather. From impromptu aperos on the rooftop to pool parties with live music.

How are you spending the hot days of August in your part of the world? 



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