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French Farmer

Visiting a French Farmer

The French farmer who sells goat cheese at the Uzes Saturday Market is one of my favorite vendors. He’s undoubtedly one of the most colorful with his Camargue printed shirt. But that’s not all. 

The French Farmer

French Farmer
French Farmer

This unassuming French farmer stages an event at his farm each year and invites the public. The mere thought of what this event might entail left me intrigued, so naturally, I accepted his invitation with excitement. The farm was only a few miles outside of Uzès.

The French Farm

“Pastoral” doesn’t even begin to describe the farm.

Never would I have guessed that the modest man selling the BEST chevre at the market had a farm and family business this large scale. When I arrived at his farm, I was speechless. The picturesque landscape was like something out of a book. The collection of animals scattered through the fields and barnyards could have filled an arc. To think that this same farmer, who humbly serves up the most incredible chevre at the market, orchestrates a farm like this.

French Farmer

Being a “city” girl, spending an afternoon on a farm in southern France was a happy surprise… and a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy it, and pardon the puns.

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