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Living in the South of France

living in the south of france

There’s nothing ordinary about living in the South of France. Especially in the spring, there’s always a festival , a brocante, a party or something extraordinary going on.Here are a few snippets of life around Uzès this week in the month of May.

Why Nimes is a “Must See” for Roman History Lovers

Nimes What to See Why is Nimes a “must-see” for lovers of Roman history? Because it’s a city where you can literally see, touch, and experience Roman life in France during the days of the Roman Empire. France has so many unique places to visit. It’s hard to decide where to start. If you’re a […]

Romans in France: Nimes

Revisit the ancient past with a tour of Romans in Nimes — one of the critical Roman towns in “Gaul” during the days of Augustus. Romans in Nimes Nimes is a “must” for Roman history lovers France has so many unique places to visit it’s hard to decide where to start. If you’re a Roman […]

The Feria’s in Nimes. Let the Party Begin!

This weekend, the ancient Roman city in the south of France will party! It’s Feria Time in Nimes! One of the most exciting events in France’s Languedoc region is on Pentecost weekend in Nimes. The Pentecost Feria brings Bulls, matadors, herdsmen from the Camargue, and tens of thousands of jubilant spectators to the once-Roman town […]

My Life in France. Pinch Me.

My French Life

You don’t know how often the Barefoot Blogger has to pinch herself to believe my life in France. It’s more than a dream come true. It’s pure heaven. It’s not fair to brag about what a good time I’m having, but I’m just saying. Take a look at this past week. There was the Feria […]

The Bullfight: A Dance with Death

This summer I was invited to a bullfight in Nimes. Visions of bulls, matadors and swinging red capes have been swirling in my head ever since.