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The Feria’s in Nimes. Let the Party Begin!

This weekend, the ancient Roman city in the south of France will party!

It’s Feria Time in Nimes!

One of the most exciting events in France’s Languedoc region is on Pentecost weekend in Nimes. The Pentecost Feria brings Bulls, matadors, herdsmen from the Camargue, and tens of thousands of jubilant spectators to the once-Roman town of Nimes and its Arena.

Nimes Feria

Celebrated since 1952, the Pentecost Feria has become a wildly popular festival for people of all ages. There’s dancing in the streets and all types of merry-making throughout the festival, including parades and abrivados (bulls running in the road).

Feria in Nimes

Ferias are by far one of my favorite things to do since moving to France. While fighting bulls might not be for everyone, there is much more to the nearly week-long event. If you like brass bands, horses, paella, Spanish dancing, and all the fanfare, it’s all at the Feria.

Nimes Feria
If you want to experience a bullfight, join the crowd. This part of France is one of the few places in the world where the tradition of the Feria, with all its pomp and ceremony, still exists.

Feria Nimes

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Be prepared to fall in love with France, all over again!

Exhibitions are held in the various museums during the Feria, including the Museum of Taurine Cultures. Art galleries are filled with images and sculptures of toros and toreadors.Nimes Feria

Nimes Feria

Food vendors and bars line the streets with wine, beer, and pastis — one of the south of France’s famed drinks.


This is the most important of the two Nimes ferias celebrated yearly.

If you are anywhere in the vicinity, head that way. It promises to be a party for all!


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barefoot blogger moving to france

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